Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hurricane Katrina -

Hurricane Katrina making its second landfall i...
Hurricane Katrina making its second landfall in Louisiana, as seen by NWS New Orleans radar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hard to believe it has been 8 years.  I could guess it was 20 years or 20 days.  The anniversary brings so many memories.  about the best I can say for it is this is how BonaResponds got its start.  But it came at such a high cost.

Please take a few minutes and go through the reports on Katrina then and how the region has come back. 

Hurricane Katrina -
"August 29, 2005. New Orleans will forever exist as two cities: The one that existed before that date, and the one after. From this page, access the latest news of the recovery effort. Browse through the extraordinary archive of The Times-Picayune's Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage. And join the thousands of voices by sharing your Katrina story."

 I remember scouring for any and all news, looking for lost pets, dreading the news updates but addicted to hearing what was happening.  And then going.  People said it would be a life changing trip.  I laughed, but they were right.
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