Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What is happening? A BonaResponds update

A fast update since I have been remiss on getting newsletters out.

  1. We are SWAMPED with wheelchair requests.  Could really really use some more volunteers.  As I just this morning told a woman (Barbara), we can get 4 requests a week and it takes 2 weeks often to do a ramp, so there is a significant waiting list :(  Want to help?  Want to donate for one?  Each ramp costs about $1200 or so. 
  2. Saturday we will kick of the first Haitian tutor session.  VERY exciting!  Have rented out an internet cafe for two hours so they can have internet access.  We'd love to have you involved!Yes you can.  It is not rocket science (although if you want to teach rocket science, maybe it can be arranged too!)  It can be done from anywhere.  Locally, a group will be meeting in the Swan Business Building to walk do it together for the first time.  Come help! 10:45 on Saturday!
  3. Also on Saturday we will be finishing Karen's ramp! :)
  4. Sunday is a trail day.  11:15 meetup.  Garbage pickup and cutting downed trees in Bob's Woods.  It has been a rough winter!
  5. Shoe collections this week leading up to Barefoot Bonas day on April 29th.  We are also selling raffle tickets to help fund the shipping costs.  Shoes will go to SolesForSouls.
  6. BR-Dallas had a great weekend last week.  They worked at a the Circle R picnic for the Kids day.  Here are some pictures.
  7. BonaResponds has been helping in Pakistan.  Shaheen reached out to us and we are helping in there.  Last week he fed (partially with our donation) 300 people.  Amazing.  This is an area with many poor and now homeless people.  Want to help?  Donate and make a huge difference.  Each hot meal is about 80 cents. 
  8. Speaking of meals.  We got word this week from Feed My Starving Children that the 108,846 meals we packed are on their way to Guatemala!  
  9. More Good News from Haiti!  In addition to the tutoring program, we heard from the solar installer.  He can install solar electricity into schools for $2500 USD.  It is not as large of system as we had hoped, but it is all we can afford right now.  Goal: 3 schools by fall semester.  (What a great program for a class or business to sponsor!  Electrify a school and learn about solar energy at the same time!)
  10. Starting a new 501c3: (site will be built soon).  It will tie together many of the areas that have evolved since the founding of BonaResponds.  For instance it will work with Haitischolarships, BonaSIMM, Enactus, and Embrace it Africa on microfinance and education.  VERY excited about it!!
  11. Got a truly heart felt request from Jessie in Haiti.  He volunteered with All Hands back after the earthquake.  He is without a job and his house is in great need of repairs.  We are looking to help him.   The initial estimate for home repairs is just under $1000.  The tools we left (ok, the tools JustRespond left there in January) can be put to good use.  Anyone want to help sponsor this building project?
  12. looking for a summer intern position?  Send your resume to Jim.  It is non paying, but will look great on a resume and you can be helping people at the same time!  Would be partially for BR and partially for
  13. JustRespond may be making a trip to Haiti this summer but it is still uncertain.  SO many reasons to go, but money is tight and can only be send it so many directions.  Still deciding.
  14. Tired of reading?  Here is a soundcloud update (3 minutes of what is happening with BR). 
  15. Thanks this week to John and Anne, Zane, Lisa (another great Creole-English dictionary--Amazon only has 5 more.  Pretty cool!  Lets corner the, and Exxon-Mobil for donations!  It takes both volunteers and donors to make this work. 

Thanks everyone!  Hope you are having a great week.  jim

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Want to make a difference?  Do one or all of the above!

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