Monday, May 05, 2014

Finals week Update

Hi everyone...

a short fast update before graduation

* We are looking into a possible trip to help with tornado clean up.  If you are interested in going, please let us know.

* There are opportunities for a summer marketing intern (could grow into a longer position) to help BonaResponds and HaitiScholarships.  For more info see our Fb page or search for us on

* We still have about 15 glass roses that would make a perfect Mother's Day/Graduation gift!  See Jim or any of the other BR leaders.   (along similar lines, if you are graduating and want to buy a BR shirt or hoodie before leaving campus, let us know!)

* REALLY would love someone local with a pickup truck that could take our generators and mowers in for a tune-up before busy season.

* If anyone with ties to high schools and an interest in helping:   We will be collecting school supplies for Haiti:

From Our Facebook page:
 "With schools ending soon for the summer it is a GREAT time to set aside slightly used school supplies for Haiti! We will be shipping again over the summer, so the sooner we get the supplies the better  (notebooks, pencils, calculators, crayons, chalk, laptop computers, as well as soccer balls are always in great demand!" 

* There are many local jobs queued up for the summer.  With 95% of students gone, we are really going to need the local community to help.  (rule of thumb is we work every Saturday and Sunday)

* Had a great HaitiScholarship meeting last night.  For less than a dollar a day you can allow a student in Haiti to go to school.  Donate at

* One of our goals for the summer is to install 3 solar electric systems at schools in Haiti.  The cost is about $3000 each.  We'd LOVE you to help.  Want to sponsor one?  Or have a fund raiser?

* We only worked once this past weekend (and had very few volunteers) due to finals at SBU.

THANKS EVERYONE and congratulations to all of the students who are doing well on their finals!

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