Thursday, August 28, 2014

First BonaResponds meeting of Fall 2014 and sign up form

Great first meeting!  It was a great first meeting with a big turnout and many new leaders!

Here is the audio of the meeting (the video is not really worth watching, but the audio is really good.

Here is the sign up form.  Remember if we don't get 500 people to sign up, Eric fails finance.  So please sign up :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Welcome back!!

And we are back!  To school that is.  As a working group, BonaResponds worked all summer, but with students back our jobs can grow!

Some fast updates:

  1. There will be a BonaResponds informational and leader meeting on Thursday  (August 28) at 5:30pm in the Walsh Auditorium (in DLR). We will give an overview of what BonaResponds does internationally, nationally, and locally. We will also discuss upcoming events and the very big need for leaders. We will also discuss possible internship positions (for both BonaResponds and HaitiScholarships). We will also be having a special guest via video: Lamarre from Leogane Haiti!
  2. Great opening weekend with many volunteers for Welcome Days!  We painted, moved things, packed about 40 boxes for Haiti and met some great new volunteers!
  3. The first of three solar units were installed this week at schools in Haiti.  They may not be as powerful as we would like, but they are a start! Here is a picture of Robinson in Gonaives Haiti.  
  4. Want to see why and who we are helping in Haiti?  We have started a series of interviews to help others meet our Haitian friends and co-workers.  Here is a video of Djemson's interview.
  5. It promises to be a very busy fall semester!  Painting, sidewalks, wheelchair ramps, and drywall are but a few of the jobs in September alone!  GET INVOLVED!   This Saturday at 10:30 and Sunday at 11:15!  (and don't forget the meeting at 5:30PM on Thursday)