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David N. Campbell |

Sharkheads shop: Katrina example for over 2 years
Sharkheads shop: Katrina example for over 2 years (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
David N. Campbell |

A huge congratulation goes out to David Campbell the founder of AllHands.   Without him and his work at the original Hands on USA BonaResponds would likely have never taken off.

We have worked with them many times, and David has spoken to both my class as BonaResponds leaders.  He also made a key donation to us to allow us to buy chain saws after the Buffalo Snow Storm in October 2006.  Here is some of our past blog entries that involved him:

Congratulations David!!

"When Campbell wrapped up his work in Thailand in 2005, he returned home to Massachusetts only to have Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast of the United States eight months later. Using the model he developed in Bang Tao, Campbell was on the ground within a week in Biloxi, MS, eventually rallying over 1,500 people to help.

These transformative experiences, overseas and closer to home, became the foundation for All Hands Volunteers, the nonprofit Campbell launched in 2005 with a simple mission: to provide immediate and sustainable volunteer support — with minimal bureaucratic obstacles — to communities struck by disaster all over the world."

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