Thursday, October 23, 2014

Some pictures from Liberia

The CYC crew in Liberia did an assessment yesterday of the area around Dolo Town.

Their take-aways:

  1. Even after the crisis ends, many new orphans will need help for years.  
  2. People in most areas are getting the message of how Ebola is spread.
  3. By their estimates for the area they surveyed (an area heavily affected) 42% of homes lost someone (or a relative--so this could be a high estimate).
  4. 1/7 of the children they dealt with are now orphaned (realize Liberia has recently had a major civil war and is a very poor area to begin with, many of the children did not have both parents to start--we do not want to overplay the deaths from Ebola).
  5. They need money for more protective suits, chlorine bleach, and food.  They said a few times that food is becoming an issue as transport has slowed. 

 Here are a few of the pictures they sent:

Pictures courtesy of Bishop Nelson Sampson Boegbah 

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