Friday, October 03, 2014

Update from today's notice board

Today's notice Board announcement:

BonaResponds Announcements

1. Today is the last day to sign up for the POSSIBLE fall break trip to Detroit. IF we do not get enough interest, we will be working here and on projects for Haiti. Sign up at:

2. We will be working Saturday and Sunday this weekend (like normal  ). Saturday will be local and a shorter day. Sunday will be in Machias and we really need volunteers for Sunday! (Sat 10:30, Sunday 11:15 from the trailer behind Maintenance)

3. We are still looking for more leaders. You must be willing to be a team leader at least once a month and work a couple of hours during the week.

4. Do you have any books laying around that you want to get rid of? We are collecting them for a few reading programs in the US and for some libraries in Haiti. (We'd especially like children's books, dictionaries, How-to/DIY books, and any books in French.) You can bring them with you if you are coming to volunteer, or drop them off outside Jim's office in 104B Swan.

The following was not part of the notice board but should have been:

5. We are also again looking for children's shoes. An orphanage in Haiti has requested them as well as a program in Costa Rica.
6. One of the jobs this SATURDAY will be to be cleaning 200 pumpkins forThe Pink Pumpkin Project. Many hands make light work! Come help this great cause to help local women fighting cancer.

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