Friday, October 24, 2014

Who or what is BonaResponds

WIth all of the new hits the past few days, we better let you know who we are:


Who we are:  BonaResponds ( is a volunteer organization whose mission is simply “to help”. BonaResponds is affiliated with St. Bonaventure University (SBU) it is located 75 miles south of Buffalo NY.   BonaResponds is open for all and always welcome new volunteers!  The more volunteers we have, the more good we can do!

What we do:  BonaResponds helps to make things better.  We provide semi-skilled and unskilled labor on a wide range of projects from wheelchair ramps to disaster response.  We generally can not provide materials.  Thus, if possible the homeowner is responsible for the cost of lumber, paint, roofing supplies, etc.  In the event the homeowner cannot pay, we may be able to help secure materials.  In other cases we can buy the materials and you can pay us back.

What to expect:  We will try very hard to make things better.  We are not professionals.  The majority of us  are students or work full time.  All of us give up our own free time to help others.  We try very hard to help everyone but are not perfect and can not do everything.  Please be patient with us.

  • BonaResponds aims to help make things better. We may not make it perfect but we can make it better! Whether the help is "just" being there immediately after a disaster to listen to survivors or if it means to haul trees, gut houses, or pick up debris. Our goal is to make the world, and your life, a little better.  

How can you help?

* We love to work with those we are helping.  It means much more to the volunteers if we are working along side those we are helping.  Even if you can not do any of the work, just to be there and speaking with the volunteers means a great deal.
BonaResponds History
* BR  was established after Hurricane Katrina and has made over 50 trips after many types of disasters and have had over a thousand local work days
* In addition to disaster relief, work has included over 100 wheelchair ramps, new floors, making homes safer, winterizing homes, construction work on two homes, roofs, work at schools, churches, park clean ups, river clean ups, work with “at risk” students, collection of books, coats, gloves, sporting equipment for the less privileged, painting,
* We are open to all
* We work approximately 50 weekends a year, so come on out and lend a hand! We are ALWAYS looking for volunteers!

Here is a  partial list of items (call them mantras, sayings, thoughts, or views) that help guide BonaResponds

  1. Everyone has something to offer.
  2. It is better to go and not be needed than to not go and be needed.
  3. Better not perfect.
  4. Walking in others' shoes not enough, we need to see things through their eyes.
  5. We can't do everything, but we can do something.  
  6. A small job to society is often an enormous help to those helped.
  7. Much can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit.
  8. Many hands make light(er) work.
  9. All voluntary activities must be "win-win".
  10. Make a positive difference
  11. Everyone is a role model.
  12. No one is perfect.


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