Thursday, November 06, 2014

A thank you and then some Inspiration from various sources

Inspiration comes from many places, so on this cold wet Autumn day, maybe some of you need some inspiration to come volunteer.  Here you go:

First from BonaResponds' facebook page, A thank-you from Djemson in Gonaives Haiti for the supplies we sent. 

His thank-you: 

"I really miss words to thank you!!
Thanks again .... Attached please find the picture of the barrels and a picture of a beautiful library that we use to put all the books that we have , It is more beautiful now as we have more books! thanks again ...for the books!!! I really appreciate that!...on Behalf of all the children, I say a big thank you to you, BonaResponds and the volunteers who help out with this! 

Thanks again Jim for all your supports and also a big thank you to BonaResponds
With Gratitude,

Accompanying the thank-you from Djemson were several pictures.  

This is my favorite picture as many of the children huddle around a small toy elephant.  As we debate the long run viability and soundness of the shipment program (we have now shipped well over 100 pallets of school supplies, medical equipment, books, and soccer equipment), we should never forget how small things can mean so much.  

That wasn't enough for you?  Ok a few more from non BonaResponds' sources:

From the Nelson Mandela facebook page. (posted on Nov 6, 2014)

From the Dalai Lama facebook page: (posted on Nov 6, 2014)

Want still more?  Check out volunteer quotes on Pinterest. 

--!Hope to see you volunteering with us soon

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