Friday, November 21, 2014

BonaResponds Bufalo

BonaResponds Buffalo

BonaResponds will be helping in the Buffalo area this weekend.

After any disaster things are very much in flux so I will not try to tell you exactly where or what we will be doing yet on Saturday and Sunday.  We will be doing something. Please follow us on Twitter/ and Facebook for regular updates throughout the day.

We would love your help.  MY BEST GUESS: we will leave SBU at about 9AM on Saturday and will be shoveling/feeding/? somewhere.  On friday a team will be working with Meals on Wheels in the area as well as speaking with officials as to the plan of attack over the weekend.

IF YOU DO COME (and I can not stress this enough), it is not a joy ride/sightseeing trip.

If you are not ready to work, do not come.  If you do come,

Dress for extreme conditions (in layers as you will want dry clothes).  Wear boots (if you have sneakers on we will not take you).  We can not be a burden on an already taxed infrastructure.  We will be self-sufficient (so bring granola bars etc to eat).

If you have access to a snow blower/favorite shovel, PLEASE bring it. Same with gloves, hats, etc.

Again, we will be in the field today and I will not be able to respond to emails.  For more info or to volunteer, please see our website and social media.



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