Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Book Drive for local students

We are collecting books (reading and picture books) for children PreK-12.  Most of the books will remain local.

A kindergarten student in a local school  recently told her teacher that she had a book at home now.  She was so excited.  One book.

How can we expect children to learn when they have no books?  You can not do everything in a school day.  Much research shows the importance of having books in the home.

"“They enhance the academic performance of children from families as all educational and occupation levels,” the researchers write, “but the enhancement is greater for families with little education and low-status occupations.”"

So our goal is to get at least two books to each student in the teacher's class.  BUT since we are doing that, we might as well expand!  So we will also be getting books for the BonaBuddies program and any other school group that would like them.  (contact us at BonaResponds@gmail.com)  

You can drop off books (new or slightly used) at 104B in the Swan Business Building--just leave them if no one is there (they will not be stolen!)

(If you know of groups doing this already please let us know--we are not trying to steal the collection, we'd love to work with you!!!)

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