Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our goals for 2015

It is that time of year again. Time to make goals and resolutions for the new year. Here is what we hope to achieve in the coming year:
Garden program in Gonaives Haiti run by Djemson Jeudy

Our overall goal is to make the world better in any way we can. Which, as our mission states, is to help. We want to make the world a better place for everyone.

Here are our more specific goals for 2015 that we believe will make the world better.
  1. Respond with significant numbers of volunteers and resources to make an impact to any national disaster where we are needed.
  2. Make a difference locally by getting people around and over roadblocks in their way.
  3. Develop leaders who can expand and improve our work locally and globally.
  4. Get more volunteers from  the local community, faculty/staff, alumni, students, and local schools. This also means more groups and chapters around the country doing their own work. 
  5. Continue the successes in Haiti schools, orphanages, and other non profits with school supply distributions, solar electric, gardening programs, and our new composting toilet projects. We hope to see all of these successes continue to prosper and grow.
  6. Continue and improve efforts for people who can use a helping hand wherever they are located: including, but not limited to Liberia, Costa Rica, Haiti, and the Philippines.
  7. Start PositiveRipples to assist micro-enterprises/businesses near and far.  (Invest at least $10,000 in Haiti and Uganda working with businesses as well as $20,000 locally through SIMM).
  8. Improve/develop tutoring program to spread teaching of English, Science, Math, and Technology (with HaitiScholarships) in Haiti (and elsewhere?)
  9. Increase fundraising for HaitiScholarships by 20% to allow at least 40 students to attend school in Haiti for the 2015-2016 school year.
  10. Distribute a minimum of 365 WarmSnugglyBlankets to people with cancer. Also in this area we want to work to reduce cancer’s impact.
  11. Distribute over 500 books to local school children.
  12. Establish a sound financial position to get a new (used) van when needed.
  13. Expand the impact of Good News From Haiti
  14. Develop the financial resources needed to get a new van if/when needed.
  15. Have fun making the world a better place!  

Friday, December 05, 2014

Weekly update

Weekly update

Much good news this week!

  1. The shipment to Haiti has begun arriving!  With school supplies, irrigation kits, and more!  It will take several weeks to be completely delivered, but the first boxes are arriving! :)  :) 
  2. We paid $275 today for a composting toilet for the HaitiGoldvision School and Orphanage near Lascahobas Haiti.  This should reduce the spread of cholera and other illnesses brought about by poor sanitation.  
  3. HUGE Thankyous this week to our donors!  Without you, BonaResponds is just a good idea!  John and Ann, Pat, Dresser's Dress down day, and Mary especially (remember I have about a week lag from donation to when I see it, so if your name is not here, wait til next week!)  BUT THANK YOU!
  4. Another BIG thank you also to Dave Volz and the Cuba-Rushford teen leadership program.  A HUGE help!  they collected almost 300 pairs of shoes and several boxes of books!  GREAT JOB!  CR is always one of our biggest helpers!  THANK YOU!
  5. Finally a THANK YOU to Michelle, Shelly, Karen, and Lynn for donations of books, shoes, and even winter coats!
  6. This coming week (Dec 13) will be the big BR-Dallas fall workday where they will be working with disadvantaged youth at the Love For Kids Christmas picnic (see for more information.
  7. Online shopping?  Please buy via GoodShop and pick BonaResponds for your charity!  Every little bit helps!
  8. There will be no Winter break trip this year.  The combination of a shortage of funds, few available leaders made a trip impossible.  We will stay busy locally and online, so please get involved.
  9. Nice coverage in the Olean Times Herald this week!
  10. The Next WarmSnugglyBlanket day (where we make blankets for those with cancer) will be Saturday January 31, 2015.  We hope to make 100 blankets! 
  11. International Service Weekend is April  11-12, 2015.  mark your calendars and plan an event!
  12. Looking for a present for someone who has everything?  How about donating in his/her name?  A solar system costs $1500, a ramp costs about $1200, a composting toilet $275, School for a year for a student via HaitiScholarships costs about $200,  a gas fill up on one of our vans costs $75, a new hammer costs about $25, a shovel costs about $20.  
  13. We will be working locally this Sunday (11:15 by the trailer).  A VERY VERY full agenda is on tap.  Dress warmly!
  14. Happy December!