Monday, August 10, 2015

BR Newsletter (August)

Hi Everyone, 

Going to try and get the newsletter a bit more active this coming school year so figured we would start today!

1.  Things are going well.  Been very busy this summer with ramps, donations, etc.  But doing well!  Trip to Oklahoma back in June seems so long ago.  

2. NEW PROGRAM!   Bonas and Beyond!  Big plans for fall

Probably the biggest thing we have planned is 20 Haitian Students coming to SBU for Bonas and Beyond!  A series of classes, seminars, and trips.  It is open to all and is going to be excellent!  Get involved and plan on attending!  Kickoff is Sept 24 and it runs through Oct. 12th.

3.   Hard to believe it has been ten years since Hurricane Katrina.  It seems both like yesterday and a 100 years ago.  BR has grown and prospered in so many ways.  From work locally, to 17 states, to Haiti, Liberia, and the Philippines. All centered on a simple motto: volunteer and change the world!  We'd love to know what BonaResponds means to you.  Whether you volunteered with us, were helped by us, or just as an active spectator on what we have done.  You can email us at with a short write-up (and photos!) or call and tell your story (you have 30 minutes).  It is very easy: Call 
1-800-606-0697 and when prompted, enter your Invitation Number: 15425.  We will then combine them into a video/presentation for sharing!

4. New and On-Going Collections: 

   A.  NEW!  Working with a job training program in Leogane Haiti, so we would love to send new or used tools.  Hammers, tape measures, etc.  
   B. School supplies!  Always much demand for these supplies (new or used) Pencils, pens, crayons, notebooks, calculators, etc.  
   C.  Gardening tools (gloves, small shovels, clippers, etc).
   D.  Books (some will stay in the US, some to Haiti)--local and to some groups in Oklahoma. ANY book in French or Creole gets extra thank yous!
   E. Shoes--Haiti and Liberia.  (again some may stay in the US depending on needs)
   F. Soccer equipment --We supply several groups across Haiti (great program--here is a video we had made:

The most recent shipment arrived.  Here is what Djemson had to say from Gonaives Haiti:

"Please find some pictures of the kids with the garden materials, books, bag, balls etc! I also attached please find some pictures of the children using the garden tools by planting the seeds that you sent!

A big thank you to BonaResponds, also a big thank you to you Jim for all your supports! I really appreciate that and I really miss words to thank you for everything!

On behalf of all our 17 children, We say a big thank you to you!
With gratitude,

Djemson Jeudy" 

5. We are Launching a "Work with BonaResponds" program where local teams, schools, and church groups can schedule a day a month to volunteer with us!  

6. Looking for donations for solar power and composting toilets in Haiti and Liberia.  (Solar is about $1500 for most schools)  Also Bishop Nelson would LOVE some money for blankets for the 118 orphans they are caring for in post-Ebola Liberia. 

7. Have you listened to our podcast?  It is a series of interviews and tlaks that allow you to relive great BonaResponds moments as well as learn what is happening with us!  Subscribe at
or listen individually at

Ok, that is the VERY fast update.  Really hope many of you take the time to call in a "what BonaResponds means to me".  Remember call Call 1-800-606-0697 and when prompted, enter your Invitation Number: 15425.


(and the whole BR team!)

PS we are ALWAYS looking for volunteers.  Come Volunteer and Change the World.  We work ALMOSt every Saturday & Sunday

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