Friday, September 25, 2015

Bona and Beyond day 1

Well yesterday was an adventure. Two missed flights in Atlanta, one missed flight in Port au Prince, bags that went to Denver and another that was seemingly lost to a seat mate made for an "interesting" day. And by interesting you can use words like stressful as well as enlightening, and eye-opening.

Travel with no cell phones, in a foreign land, can be rather stressful (at least for those of us picking up the travelers!). NY time and speed is a little different than #Haiti time :) We learned the difference repeatedly yesterday, but by the end things were going well.

A HUGE HUGE thank you to everyone who stepped in and ran the Welcome Program as I was relegated to waiting (and hoping the wait was not in vain!) for the late arrivals. IT SIMPLY COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED WITHOUT YOU! (I will assuredly miss some, but here are a few: Jen, Jovani, Diana, Carol, Naudia, Reed, Logan, and of course Todd for driving). Simply can not thank you enough. MESI!

I have much more to write, but out of time for now. Here is the audio from last night's presentation where everyone introduced themselves.
my intro (I was trying to whisper as afraid to wake others (not yet used to dorm life!)
On tap: Today: 

9:45 campus tour
11:30 in Swan: Official SBU WELCOME. Come on out!
1:00 Special Olympic discussion (How we can help expand Special Olympics in Haiti)
2:00 Boating trip (Closed to Public for lack of space)
9:00 "All Hands" meeting.


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