Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Bonas and Beyond schedule is taking shape!

Our schedule for Bonas and Beyond is taking shape!  Really filling up.  Going to be a busy 3 weeks!  Things you definitely want to come out for:

Thursday Sept 24, 7pm Welcome to WNY!  An overview and introduction to everything that is to come and a quick immersion into Haiti.   Swan (tentative location)

Friday Sept 25, 11:30 Bonaventure Welcome!  (somewhat a repeat of the 24th, but with official welcomes from School of Business Dean Carol Fischer and SBU President Sister Margaret Carney) Free Pizza. Swan.

Wednesday Sept 30, 7pm Olean Public Library: A talk on Haiti and how we can help.

Thursday Oct 8 Presentations on Haiti and discussion of next steps (MAYBE with a dinner)  Stay tuned for times and places.

We also have many classes (from Accounting to Environmental Science, Political Science to Legal Environment and even finance :) )

Weekends will largely be BonaResponds workdays.  We also have trips planned to Chautauqua Lake, Niagara Falls, Allegany State Park (we hope), the Olean Park and Shop, Olean Wholesale Group, Canticle Farms, and Napolean Engineering.  (Have other ideas?  Let us know in comments).

Many other tentatives but getting everything in is proving to be difficult.

1. We still really need drivers!  for all times.  BIGGEST NEED!
2. We would love some people groups to sponsor dinners. They do not need to be fancy.  Potlucks, BBQ, or if you want let the Haitians experience a US restaurant!
3. We are trying to get people to schools to speak, but we lost a driver during the day so it is proving more difficult.
4. Also we are looking for "adults" to RA for a night or two and be available if any problems arise (stay in dorms).
5. We hope to run a car wash fund raiser for HaitiScholarships when they are here (ideally Sept 26th---REALLY NEED SOMEONE to take ownership of it!)
6. We also want to get local soccer teams involved to have a a collection of used soccer equipment for programs in Haiti.  (if you know of anyone who plays soccer--or played soccer and might have some old equipment laying around, let us know!)

Today is the second big day for interviews with the Ambassade des États-Unis, Port-au-Prince (Haïti) .  We have written letters etc and we really hope that all participants are given an OK to come to campus!

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