Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Updates on Bonas and Beyond

Haitian hurrah | The Bona Venture | St. Bonaventure's student-run newspaper since 1926:

"The Haitian group will be at the university from Sept. 23 until Oct. 12. The students are staying for three weeks as a new branch of BonaResponds, called “Bonas and Beyond.” This program, “Bonas and Beyond: Haiti,” aims to create a cultural experience for students from Haiti, according to the program’s pamphlet. The students will participate in a variety of non-credit courses, including classes in accounting, political science, computers and leadership, environmental science, economics and marketing and finance. "


Here is a pamphlet explaining what we are doing at Bonas and Beyond: http://www.bonaresponds.org/BBH.Pamphlet.pdf

Here is a clip from SBU TV  https://youtu.be/hXP5SxLPaGM?t=25s

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