Tuesday, December 01, 2015

A price list for how you can make an immediate difference

It's Giving Tuesday and I had someone ask how they could help, so here are a few ways your donations can make an immediate impact:

$10000 pays for a new/used van for BonaResponds trips
$2000 pays for an average year of vehicle repairs
$1500 pays for solar electricity to be installed in a Haitian School
$1000 pays for an average ramp in the local area
$500 pays for a new garden in Haiti
$500 pays for composting toilet program in Haiti
$360 pays 125 reforestation booklets to be printed in Creole
$200 pays a month's rent and helps feed 110 Liberian Orphans
$125 pays to ship a barrel of supplies to Haiti
$100 pays for a new impact driver that is used every week
$90 pays for a new battery for our Rigid Tools
$75 pays for partial scholarship for 3 Haitians for a month
$60 plants 30 trees in Haiti
$50 pays for a gas fill up for one of our 2 vehicles.
$40 pays for food for 5 volunteers on an overnight trip
$30 pays for a box of screws (we use about 2 boxes per ramp)
$20 pays for a foot of wheelchair ramp
$10 pays for an irrigation kit for garden programs in Haiti
$5 pays for a young children's book

You can make a difference! Donate at http://bonaresponds.org/donate.html


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