Wednesday, January 20, 2016 is coming to SBU!

From the BonaResponds page:

All too often charity does not work. While after a disaster handouts are sometimes needed and temporary handouts are needed in some circumstances for education, health, and other needs, what is more often needed is structural change.

As a society, we need to rethink our efforts and make is so our assistance is not just based on free "things". The poor need "hand-ups", not just "hand-outs".

Because of this, we are THRILLED to announce a February 17th showing of Poverty, Inc. on the St. Bonaventure Campus. It is a documentary you do not want to miss.

And before we anger those who do give, we will stress that this is not saying that charity does not work. This is saying that there is no single magic bullet to fight poverty and that actions (even well-intentioned actions) often have unintended consequences. For instance: giving away food may put local farmers out of business. For instance, free shoes may put the cobbler out of business.

There is a time for handouts, but that time is temporary. We need to work to make the longer-term structural changes (better education, more property rights, better legal protections) that enable the poor to use their own skills to make their lives better not just now, but for generations to come.

This award winning movie dives into the economics of poverty and what works and what does not work.

Co-Sponsored by BonaResponds, St. Bonaventure University Enactus, and The Pacioli Scholar Program this will be a movie that you never forget.
Who should come? You should. Or at least, you should come if you care about the poor and want to make things better in the long run, and are not just looking for quick, feel-good, band-aids for a deep wound.

Teachers: bring your class (extra credit?): Economics, Sociology, Theology, International Business, Political Science, and others.

Open to the public.
There will be much more on this on our blog and made available for discussions before and after the Wed February 17th 7 pm showing (in the Dresser Aud in Murphy)

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