Tuesday, February 02, 2016


BonaResponds is sponsoring an International Service Weekend this year which will take place Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th. A whole weekend of good deeds and volunteering! International Service Weekend is when we ask people locally and around the world to go make the world a better place AND to share what they did.

Help those who need the help (we are all in need of help in some way), to show that problems are not insurmountable (together we can solve them), to remind everyone that we all have some skills that can be used to help others, and most importantly, to have fun.

Here are some examples of easy ways you can participate in International Service Weekend:

  1. Clean up a local park
  2. Read to students in a local school/community center
  3. Pick up trash along a trail
  4. Volunteer at or Donate to a food pantry
  5. Help clean up an elderly neighbor’s yard
  6. Visit someone in a nursing home
  7. Help someone you know who needs a helping hand
  8. Invite a lonely neighbor over for dinner
  9. Etc., etc.

It is really that simple. Do a good deed and share it!

You can participate alone or with any sized group. We are open to anyone and willing to work with everyone. So go get involved; volunteer and change the world!   

Feel free to sign up or read more information about this event on our webpage:  http://bonaresponds.org/isd.html Watch for updates via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our website: www.bonaresponds.org. Please tag us using #BonaReponds on your social media updates, reflections, photos, etc. or email us at BonaResponds@gmail.com. Thank You!!!

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