Thursday, February 18, 2016

PovertyInc -Post viewing update and "get involved" request

Both showings went well yesterday! 143 people saw #PovertyInc. and we had a good discussion after both sessions.

If you didn't get to attend, I HIGHLY recommend getting a copy (you can pre-order it now) and more importantly joining the conversation.

My notes/takeaways (I take many notes, sorry for the length but if it were easy, there would be no poverty and no reason to watch the movie.)

1. It should never, ever, be "us" and "them". We are all the same just have different circumstances and experiences.
2. Empowerment leads to betterment.
3. Property rights, security, and legal protections are more important than 98% of the people (esp non-economists​) realize.
4. "No one wants to be a beggar for life"
5. Charity is only a part (and a short-term part at that) of any successful movement to reduce suffering and poverty.
6. Business, economics, and improved government are the dominant forces in any successful poverty alleviation plan.
7. Listen to the needs of the people. Do not force your plan on them.
8. "Bigger is not always better" applies to NGOs as much as anything else.
9. Debt is good and bad. It can jump start an economy/business or it can lead to a new kind of servitude/slavery. Use it with caution and in small amounts.
10. Facilitation​ is better than domination.
11. Poor people often work even harder than rich people. They are not poor because of lack of effort but for a myriad of reasons many beyond their control.
12. Sustainability wins in the long run.
13. Free trade is good, BUT labor is sticky. Be VERY careful in creating winners and losers from trade.
14. Government subsidies often come with unintended consequences.
15. (With apologies to fish species) Teaching how to fish is better than giving out fish.
16. People are not poor for a lack of things.
17. Get the system right. A bad system will hold back the best people.
18. Handouts are like band-aids​. They may help but don't always address​ the underlying problem.
19. "Heart" and "mind" are needed.
20. Almost always a "hand-up" trumps a "hand out."
21. We need to get this right. Too many are living in too bad of conditions.
22. There is no easy answer; No silver bullet. Alleviating poverty demands a multi-pronged​ approach that includes business, government, NGOs, and you and me.

Join us (BonaResponds and the entire SBU community) as we seek to address these issues. Email and we will share links (audio, video, and reading (it is still a thing)) and include you in the discussions (in person and online--so PLEASE get involved whether at SBU or wherever​ you are.) #Haiti #Liberia #Philippines, #Ghana #Olean

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