Monday, August 29, 2016

BonaResponds Kickoff meeting!

THURSDAY September 1 5:30PM-6:30PM (this Thursday). BonaResponds general interest meeting. MURPHY AUD
We will lay out upcoming work days, trips, BonasandBeyond (when we will be hosting Haitians on campus for classes and more)

We will also be discussing:

  1. Upcoming local work days! (MUCH work ahead!!) Trail work, ramps, clean-ups, tutoring, and more!
  2. A Possible/probable Louisiana fall break trip for flood clean up
  3.  WarmSnugglyBlanket--blankets of people with cancer (and other challenges) 
  4.  HaitiScholarships -which has 41 students studying this year in Haiti 
  5. BonasandBeyond -which just started this spring and now has over 7700 people following us on Facebook! Mainly from Africa and SE Asia and Haiti. 
  6. PositiveRipples--the umbrella over much of our international work. , tutoring in Haiti, how we can help bring more unity to the world and more!

The meeting will be as short as possible (and come even if you have a 6pm class!
5:30 Murphy Aud. Hope to see many of you there! 
Come join us to make the world better and more united!

Love ALL!  Serve ALL!  Volunteer and change the world!