Friday, February 03, 2017

This Saturday

From Today's notice Board (Super Bowl Weekend)

This Saturday
 BonaResponds will be returning to the St. Vincent DePaul Thrift shop in Olean to finish cleaning and painting the main floor's shopping area.  Last week's before and after was a huge difference!

Additionally, we will be fixing handrails for an elderly woman in Olean (request came via Olean Police Dept).  
Come out and make the world a little better!!!

10:45 by the BonaResponds trailer (lower parking lot by baseball field). We'd love if you could drive! Hint hint :)

No work Sunday as we need some time to work on a. school work and b. some exciting Haitian initiatives. 
(Tutoring, penpal, and more!) c. It is Super Bowl Sunday

thanks everyone!

Next week we will be in West Clarksville and ??? 

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