Thursday, August 31, 2017

Welcome back!

The new school year began this week and we welcome our many new volunteers.

Some fast updates:

  1. THIS weekend: a wheelchair ramp on Saturday at 10:45 for a woman who is having major trouble leaving the house.  On Sunday at 11:30 we will be painting in Olean for a family whose father is fighting advanced cancer.  (Meet at the BR trailer near baseball field both days.  Both are great jobs and we would love your help!  No skills or experience needs.  A good attitude is needed :)
  2. Monday 5:30 in Swan 101 we will have a meeting.  Topics include local work days, new pen pal program, books of local children, work in Haiti, and Bonas and Beyond (when Haitians will be coming to SBU (Sept 26-Oct 8). 
  3. SAVE THE DATES!  Feb 23-March 3: BonaResponds to the Gulf Coast to help with the clean up and recovery from Hurricane Harvey.  Alumni?  come on!  Community members?  Come on!  Faculty?  Come on!  Students?  Come on!  
  4. We are collecting wheelchairs for the people of Texas.  We shipped 46 of them today (August 31). 
  5. We really need some leaders to help on many of our projects.  Open to all.  Volunteer and Change the world! 

Stay tuned for more updates soon!