Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Texas Trip FAQ's

I shared these on FB.  Thought they might be helpful here too:

Book your flights!

We hope to see many of you there! We will be working in and around Dickinson Texas (Feb 23-March 3).


* Yes, you can come for part of the time.
* Yes, you can bring family and friends
* Yes, you can make a big difference.
* Yes, there will be work.
* Yes, there is still a need. Just because it is not on the news does not mean there is still not a need.
* Yes, you can donate (we are looking to subsidize the cost of the trip for all students if at all possible). Don't want to pay for students, fine :) donate $50 to positiverRpples ( and buy 5 sheets of drywall!)
* Yes, we can pick you up at the airport. Hobby pickups will be regular, at George Bush Airport MUCH more infrequent.
* Yes, if you prefer, you can arrange an Uber ride.
* Yes, you can come for only a few days --but the longer the better!
* Yes, if you are there for the entire week, you will have time to relax (the Gulf is about 5 miles from Camp)
* Yes, you can donate supplies? Home Depot cards are perfect as we will be 4 miles from a HomeDepot. Don't want to do that? Buy drywall there and we can arrange pickup/delivery.
* Yes, I am sure you have a million reasons to not go. But you only need one reason to come. You want to help!
* Yes, you will need boots, a sleeping bag, and a good attitude! (other things are helpful too--see website)
* Yes, we are still looking for people to drive vehicles with tools and supplies down and back.
* We will be working with the Mount Olive Baptist Church in Dickinson but we will be helping people in need regardless of faith, color, or anything else.
* No, you do not need to be a student.
* No, kids under 16 should not come without special permission.
* Yes, Food will be provided on site.
* Yes, it is usually warmer in Texas than in Western NY
* Yes, you should come! :)

To come: book tickets and let us know! :)
THE SOONER THE BETTER! :) so we know how many tools/cots/showers/etc we need.