Saturday, December 09, 2006

BonaResponds makes a trip back to Buffalo - Features

BonaResponds makes a trip back to Buffalo - Features:
"The cleanup mission is not finished. The group plans to return to Buffalo in the spring. At that time, the students plan to do different types of activities like planting trees in the parks.

The organization has cleared 90 residents' yards and 40 acres of Martin Luther King Park, according to ... James Mahar. ....

"The majority of the yards we are clearing are for people who are incapable of clearing the yards for themselves, like handicapped or elderly people," Kane said.

The work was dirty, hard physical labor. However, sophomore Patrick Brutus was willing to sacrifice to help others.

"I sawed branches with a hand saw. I dragged the branches and logs out of the muddy, swampy areas to the cleaner areas, that way my other group members did not have to get as muddy and dirty as I had to," Brutus said. "We then dragged everything to the front yard so that it (could) be picked up.

Students were not the only ones to pitch in for the cleanup effort. Kane said current and former faculty members joined BonaResponds in Buffalo."

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