Monday, September 09, 2013

Great weekend of helping in Salamanca

It was a great weekend of helping in Salamanca.  We built a ramp for Jen who has been unable to get out of her house due to MS.  Thanks to a donation from the MS society we were able to build a ramp that now allows her to leave the house!  BIG BIG win!!! :)

Saturday:  Volunteers moved concrete steps, cut out bushes, built a deck and framed ramp to the ground.   Weather was not very fun as it poured and then got pretty cold.  (a wet cold that caught some unprepared.  Sorry!)

Sunday:  smaller crew listened to the Bills lose to the Patriots and finished the ramp!  We still have to build new steps for the family and install two metal plates inside to smooth out the thresholds.  Great day as the neighbors helped and the family fed us. 

For many more pictures, check out our new shared FB album.

PS when there a neighbor who lost a leg in a motorcycle asked us to install handrails on his steps.  We will do that next weekend (if we get enough volunteers!--so it is up to you).

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