Monday, April 28, 2008

Gulf Coast still needs volunteers

Gulf Coast still needs volunteers:
"While the major work of debris removal has mostly been completed in the region, the waiting line for affordable housing continues to grow faster than local relief organizations can build those new affordable homes, according to local volunteers.

Habitat for Humanity's Operation Home Delivery is one such relief group serving the Bay St. Louis and Waveland communities in Mississippi. Two and a half years after the storm devastated the region, more than half of the previous residents still have not returned, and many of those who have are still living in FEMA-supplied trailers and so-called Katrina cottages."
When can we go back?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thank you from Athletics

On behalf of Dennis Platko as well as myself we want to thank you and the entire Bona Responds group for their assistance at the University golf course this past Sunday. Much was accomplished in and around the clubhouse and on the course and for that we are extremely grateful.

What your organization does is tremendous and we were certainly glad you chose our department to be included in this year’s service day.

Thank you again and keep up the great work.

Steve Campbell

Monday, April 21, 2008

Local Service Weekend Wrap up

The importance of things was put into perspective today with a phone call in the middle of the day. The brother of last year’s BonaResponds leader James Kane died suddenly. It is thus with a very saddened heart that I even report on the weekend’s events. Please remember James and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Short version: Much work got done on each of the days. Had about 135 volunteers which was lower than expected but much good work got done. Minor problems, such as painting fire hydrants incorrectly, but nothing major.

Longer Version: Good weekend of work. Work was completed on about 18 sites, almost finished at 2, and much progress was made on one other.

Some highlights:

  • 143 bags of leaves and garbage picked up at Oak Hill Park in Olean
  • Much progress on Bob’s Woods’ trails including the first a new trail around the pond.
  • Several truck loads of debris removed from Allegany River Trail
  • SPCA was partially painted and animals got some extra care.
  • Outdoor Spring Clean up at Washington West Elementary
  • Downed trees cut and removed at Gargoyle Park
  • Fire hydrants painted over a 18 block area (ok, not perfectly painted, but....)
  • Dugouts, press box, and backstop was largely complete at Marcus Park
  • Theater Workshop and Historical Association work accomplished
  • On campus, the Grotto was cleaned up
  • SIMM room painted
  • Much work was completed in Murphy Building
  • Much litter and branch pickup was done.
  • Bonaventure Gulf Course was cleaned
  • Statue of Mary area cleaned and two new planters installed.


Saturday : Sunny and hot (88 degrees)

Sunday : Mixed, some rain, mid 60s.



Congratulations to Carrie!

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Carrie Jackling has been with BonaResponds from almost it's inception. (She helped lead the softball/baseball collection for leagues in Mississippi immediately following Katrina).

This past year she has been the undisputed leader of BonaResponds. a graduate student (MBA and Accounting degree), Carrie will graduate this May.

Saturday, as part of our local service weekend we took time to honor Carrie. She is pictured with her parents and nieces.

Mature, hard-working, and a natural leader Carrie will be very difficult to replace next year. You will be missed more than you know.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

BonaResponds Local Service Weekend

Only three more days of waiting!

The first ever BonaResponds local service weekend is THIS WEEKEND!!

Saturday April 19: 10-4:30
Sunday April 20: 12-5:00
Meet in Murphy.

Work at any of almost 25 sites (yes that is up from even yesterday). We will be painting, walking dogs, cleaning up, and making the area a better place to be.

Come for as long as you want. Bring a friend, and you will be sure to make many new friends!

Free BBQ and all-hands meeting after work each day.

Come dressed to work. Gloves are definitely desired!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bob's Woods

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This past Sunday a few of us got out and worked some more on Bob's Woods. Here are some pictures from Jen. It is a beautiful area right on campus.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Fee money returned to BonaResponds - News

Fee money returned to BonaResponds - News:
"The university reimbursed money taken from donations given to BonaResponds, an on-campus service organization, because of a 5 percent gift assessment fee policy, and the board of trustees discussed reports involving the fee policy at Tuesday's board meeting.

The fee requires 5 percent of all donations made to the university be taken out for fundraising and advancement office expenses. This is the first year the fee has been in place, Emily Sinsabaugh, vice president for university relations, said."
The rest of the article is innocuous enough, but I did have to laugh at the line about Universities Supporting the tax.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Good news!

Just heard an update on the SPCA. If you remember they were in a contest to get at least $5000 and a chance at a million dollars for an extreme makeover of their facilities. Well they did get into the top 20 and are assured $5000!

Remember we are working with the SPCA on April 19-20th as part of our local service day.

Volunteer Fair as part of the Local Service Weekend


  • Who: Organizations that utilize volunteers and community members who are interested in volunteering
  • What: A Volunteer Fair, where people can find out about the volunteer opportunities available to them (similar to a job fair )
  • When: April 19th, 2008 from Noon to 2:00 PM
  • Where: Olean Middle School, 401 Wayne Street,Olean, NY 14760
  • Why: To benefit the community as well as the people who want to make a difference in the community

Tables will be provided for the organizations that are in attendance.

There will be free hot dogs and refreshments.

A brochure listing the organizations in attendance and a brief description of the activities for which they use volunteers will be provided to the community members. (To have your organization listed in the brochure, please send a brief paragraph describing what your volunteers do. Please send this description as a word attachment to

The organizations that have confirmed attendance at the fair are: ACCORD Corp., American Red Cross, BonaResponds, Cattaraugus Community Action, Center for Family Unity, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Department of Aging (Meals on Wheels), Head Start, Home Care and Hospice, Olean Association for Blind and Visually Handicapped, Interfaith Caregivers Inc., Literacy Volunteers, OCDC (Olean Child Day Care Center), Olean Food Pantry, Olean Public Library, Olean Senior Center, ReHabilitation Center, Salvation Army, SPCA, The Pines, The Waters, Theatre Workshop, United Way of Cattaraugus County, YMCA, Cattaraugus County Youth Bureau, Olean Chamber of Commerce.

Group photo from Bob Lanier Center

Group Photo
Originally uploaded by Nif
Although we took it after most of the people left, it is a pretty good shot.

It is part of a set of picture Jen took on Saturday. I stole some of them and they are also in this set on the day.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What's next?

I was asked today what is the next BonaResponds' event. Well you won't have long to wait! Barring a natural disaster where we are needed, our next major event will be the first ever BonaResponds local service weekend! We have had many local service days, but this is our first 2 day local event.

We have many jobs already lined up but are still getting things organized. Some of the local events include:
  1. Painting and cleaning up at Olean Parks
  2. Painting signs and fire hydrants for the City of Olean
  3. Working on Bob's Woods trails
  4. Painting and street clean up for the Village of Allegany
  5. Working at Mt. Ireaneous
  6. Working at the Warming House (the SBU sponsored local Soup Kitchen)
  7. Landscaping and more at Olean Theater Workshop
  8. Working on many jobs with SBU athletics
  9. Painting the SIMM class room at SBU
  10. Clearing weeds etc with Canticle Farms in Allegany
  11. Preparation of land for a new playground at an Olean Elementary School
  12. Expansion of recycling program
  13. Working at the SPCA
  14. clean up along the Olean River trail
and I am sure there will be more to come!

So when you add cooking, driving, and help with logistics, you can truly see there is work for everyone! Come out for a few hours or both days!

BonaResponds Buffalo Day - a photoset on Flickr

Still more pictures are available of this past weekend's BonaResponds Buffalo Day - a photoset on Flickr:

Patrick chain sawing

Patrick chain sawing
Originally uploaded by FinanceProfessor
All in all the first ever BonaResponds Buffalo Service day was a success. We had about 75 volunteers at about 8 sites.

We have many people to thank for the success of the day. From all of the volunteers, to the site leaders, to the sponsors and donors. Also a special thank you to LJ for organizing much of the event.

Pictures from Buffalo Service day

Originally uploaded by Buffalo ReUse
BonaResponds Service Day - a photoset on Flickr

Caesandra from Buffalo ReUse has posted a set of pictures from the Local service day. This one is Tyler boarding up a window