Friday, September 27, 2019

Fall break trip

BonaResponds' Fall Break trip will be to......Cleveland!   It is still too early (and expensive) to get the Bahamas, so we will be working at St. Francis Elementary school in Cleveland.

Jobs will include installing a new floor, painting, cleaning, installing a garden, and much more.  It is a poor school that can really use our help!  And a former BR leader works there so it will make our trip even more rewarding! 

There are a limited number of spaces available.  Cost is $40.  Includes transport and food.  We will be sleeping in cots on the basketball court.    

This Saturday we will be helping rebuild Olean's King Street park.  Meet at the BR trailer at GASP  8:45.  It should be a fun day helping put up playground equipment and landscaping!

ALSO for the Bahamas, we will be collecting school supplies, coloring books and crayons and toys for Christmas.  We have to ship before Thanksgiving.  So when you are home for break, or just out shopping, we would love donated items.  You can always drop off at 104B in Swan.  

thanks everyone!!!!


Thursday, September 05, 2019

BonaResponds meetings

BonaResponds General Meeting Monday, September 9, 2019 at 5:15-6:00 in Swan 101.  

Topics will include Local workdays, HaitiScholarships, PositiveRipples, and a brief intro for our hurricane relief efforts.  

The world needs you to help.  We need you to help.   

We have many needs but we especially need people to help with social media, website design, and Maintenance for HaitiScholarships and PositiveRipples, people to help collect items for school projects in Haiti and the Bahamas, people to help with logistics of people and supplies to aid in all of our projects, people to clean up and set up used iPads for schools in Bahamas and Haiti, and people to make and deliver WarmSnugglyBlankets for people with cancer.  

We also would like a few people to coordinate our microloan program in Haiti and expand it to Sierra Leone.  FINALLY, we need some people to help set up a series of 3 on 3 basketball tournaments in Haiti, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and  (maybe) the Bahamas. 

Then, on Thursday at 6:00 PM there will a joint Enactus/BonaResponds meeting in the Walsh Auditorium to focus on hurricane relief efforts in the Bahamas.   Enactus has been going to the Bahamas for 18 years.  The destruction from Hurricane Dorian is catastrophic with flooding and winds of over 180 MPH.  It very well could be the most challenging hurricane relief efforts we have undertaken and we need the help of the entire Bonaventure community.   

Volunteer and change the world!   

Open to all.