Friday, September 09, 2016

Come hear Fr. Joseph on campus Sunday September 25th

Fr. Joseph Philippe will be speaking in the Murphy Aud at 6:30PM on September 25th.) 

The Huffington Post described him as: 
"Father Joseph Philippe has the kind of vision and indomitable spirit that might earn someone a Nobel Peace Prize or an Academy Award. But his name probably isn’t one many have heard before."

some background: 

He started Fonkoze (a microloan program in Haiti)

here is the first part of a video they made about him. 

and a recent Huffington post story on him: 

You will definitely want to attend!!! 

This Weekend's work

Jobs are really backing up.   

We have everything from trailer cleanouts, wheelchair ramp requests, trail work, and much more. 

This Saturday at 12:30 in Swan 101 there will be a WarmSnugglyBlanket making day.  

Sunday 11:15 we will make our first wheelchair ramp of the new semester.  Meet by the BR trailer in the lower parking lot by the baseball field. 

Come Volunteer and change the world!!!

open to all!

Thursday, September 01, 2016

BonaResponds Sign up form 2016

We are ALWAYS looking for leaders and volunteers!  
Volunteer and change the world!