Our efforts in Haiti

English: Orthographic projection of Haiti.
English: Orthographic projection of Haiti. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Since 2010 Haiti has had a very special place in BonaResponds.  We have shipped over 76 pallets of medical supplies, food,  sporting equipment, and especially school supplies. 

We have also spun off (but still work with constantly--we spun it off so that it is a cleaner transaction/donation rather than having it go through the SBU 501c3)

  1. HaitiScholarships- by raising money we help pay for Haitian Students to go to school in Haiti.   The cost for a full year of schooling varies, but is roughly $300 for elementary school students, $400 for High School students, and $700 of more for college and/or vocational training.  Find out more or donate at HaitiScholarships.org.
  2. School supplies for Haiti--we aim to send supplies each semester.  We tend to ship these in barrels.  The supplies are donated.  Some are gently used, others are new.  One great way to do this is to set out barrels at the end of semesters/end of year in high schools when students clean out their lockers.  This has been particularly effective in the past.  We'd love your school involved! Looking for another way to help?  Help pay shipping.  Each barrel we ship costs about $130 for shipping/customs etc. 
  3.  Haitian Pen Pal program--New in Fall 2013!  Write letters to students at several Haitian Schools.  They will write you back and both sides will learn.  Helps Haitians learn English, Helps others learn about Haiti and make new friends.   Email BonaResponds@Gmail.com (or JimMahar@yahoo.com) for more information on this.    We'd love you involved!  Cost of mailing to Haiti is about $1.15 per letter.
  4. English Afterschool program. Working with several schools in and around Leogane we will supply books for schools after school English programs.  Students will get approximately 4 hours of English instruction per week.  Ideally we'd like to have donors so we could afford to pay the teachers for this valuable work.  Want to donate?  $100 pays for a classful (40 students) for a full semester of this (free to the student) incredibly valuable program
GREAT news from Wesley in Haiti!  HaitiScholarships winners in Leogane Haiti and others at the CJM school planted hundreds of trees to combat the deforestation that is common in Haiti.  Here is an album of pictures of the event.  (Don't forget to "Like" HaitiScholarships!)
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