Thursday, August 08, 2013

Helping in Haiti

School Supplies for Haiti
School Supplies for Haiti (Photo credit: Bona_Responds)
Remember a few weeks ago I mentioned we needed to refocus our efforts in Haiti as they were becoming forgotten in the Post Sandy, Post Oklahoma general business.  So, we did.  Here is a fast update.

* We are having a supply backing event on August 24 to mail barrels of school supplies and a pallet of shoes.  So if you have school supplies or lightly used shoes, please bring them in!

* We are happy to announce that CMJ will be getting a solar power system.  We'd LOVE to be able to do more, so we have also announced a fund raising effort along with HaitiScholarships.  It is our first time using so let us know what you think.  (You can also give via HaitiScholarships or to BonaResponds for shipping of supplies).


 *  Haiti was also the theme of the BonaResponds Moment this week on WGWE.  (THANKS TO AKT Combative Academy for their sponsorship of the weekly interview!)

* This school year we really really want to start a pen pal program with classes in Haiti.  I spoke with the post office this week and there is now regular mail to and from Haiti.  So let's do this.  Want to write letters to students/classes?  It sounds fun!  Email me ( to be part of this program.  Once we get the solar system up, we will likely be looking for tutors and English teachers as well. 

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