Thursday, February 20, 2014

Spring Break Trip to Breezy Point

I sent this out to those who had asked via email earlier, but we do have room for a couple others (especially those that will be meeting us there!) :

We will be going to Breezy Point and Far Rockaway--staying in Breezy Point.
 We will be working with Habitat for Humanity again (the last 8-9 trips there we have worked with them).  Sleeping on cots in a church. ( Big news there is now heat and indoor plumbing!)

We will aim to leave 5PM on Friday (will need help packing van as many of the "regulars" are not going--new crew!)   Work will be about from 8:30 or 9 to 6 or 7 most days.  

As a reminder to those of you staying at "home", subways and buses do not run all the way to Breezy.   As I think I will be the only driver, I can not be running back and forth all the time.  SORRY.

we will be returning Late Wednesday (probably 1-2 AM on Thursday) as I have to be back Thursday and Friday.  (if you want to continue doing BR work, there will be jobs Sat and Sunday as normal!)

Given it is still cold, PLEASE dress for cold weather.  We may be working inside some, but I would bet outside as well.  Wear layers. Wear boots. 

here is a past list of what to bring...still works pretty well:

I spoke with Habitat today and there is much work, so be ready to work :)
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"Tattoos on the Heart: Power of Compassion" - Father Greg Boyle - 04/14/11

I just finished ristening to Tattoos on the Heart.  It is a great book.  Indeed so good that upon finishing it I immediately restarted it.  It was that good.

It sounds as much like BR (at least how I see BR) as anything since Greg Mortenson's Three Cups of Tea and Stones to Schools.   Highly recommended regardless of your religious views. 

My version:

1. Better not perfect.

2. Everyone has something to offer.

3. Life is in part skill and work but also luck.

4. Until you walk a mile in their shoes, you have no idea of the real story is.

5. We are working with friends and for friends (or at least potential friends), not just giving things away or doing things for strangers.

Many of the stories in this talk are also in the book.  Now I have to figure out how BonaResponds can work with HomeBoy Industries.


Here is a longer list of our "mantras".  I bet you will like them! 

Here are several NPR stories on HomeBoy Industries.
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