Monday, October 07, 2013

A BonaResponds Update

Fast updates:

Weould love to have you work with us this weekend in NYC area:

 BonaResponds will be going to Breezy Point and the Rockaway (NY) area and working with Habitat on rebuilding after Sandy. We will be leaving approximately 5:30 on Fri (Oct 11) and returning LATE on Monday (leaving Breezy about 6:30 PM). The cost is $20 to pay for gas and a tee shirt.

Local jobs have been going well.  Since the end of August: We've shipped 14 barrels and 5 pallets of supplies to Haiti, we've have done several ramps (depending on definition we've done 3-5, but 3 complete new ones), painted a house, mowed the Bob's Woods trails, taken down a ramp, and are working on getting a gentleman a new hot water heater.  All since start of the school year.

Alas many many more jobs are waiting.  There is ALWAYS a need for leaders and volunteers.  Specific leader positions that are open: 

1. BR for SPCA leader (responsibilities include taking volunteers to walk dogs, working with SPCA on meeting other needs).

2.  WarmSnugglyBlanket leader--identifying people who could use a blanket and getting the blankets (we have about 100 now) distributed.  Also growing the program. (can be done online)

3. Haiti coordinator--tracking shipments, giving updates (social media), managing penpal program, working on money transfers to solar power installers, FUND RAISING for HaitiScholarships, school supply collections. (can be done online with some local help)

4. Helping Jen and Shamae launch their programs in the slums of Cerbu City in the Philippines. (can be done online with some local help)

5. Tool and supply maintenance for us locally--includes getting oil changes, repairing and cleaning tools, etc.  (Must be done locally)

6. Help for Jen to keep website up to date and to Reed&Sarah on newsletter. (can be done online)

Some of these are local (ie. tool repair) but others can be done online.  ANd many hands make light work, so we'd love to have your help! 

But first, we'd really love you to help in NYC this coming weekend.  Sign up below :)

thanks everyone! 


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