Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winter Break Trip

BonaResponds is making their next trip to the NYC area and we’d love you to come help!  We will be working in the area from December 28th to at least January 8th.  Plan on coming for a day, a week, or the whole time!  We’d love to have you work with us!

We will primarily be working out of Breezy Point NY where we have been working for the past month.  The work is changing and now we will no longer just be gutting houses but also helping in the recovery process.  This means we will be putting in floors, drywall, and helping those with disabilities by building wheelchair ramps.  

We will be working on some jobs that have been submitted to us by SBU alumni and others in the area that we have helped in the past as well as with Portlight Strategies who will be helping to fund projects for those with disabilities.  

How can you help?

1. Volunteer.  We need volunteers!  Our biggest need.  Sign up here:     You can come and stay for as long as you want (provided you abide by rules :) ) for $20.   That covers food too!

2. Do you have a truck and live in the NYC area?  We will need some way to transport lumber etc.  A pickup truck (with you driving) will save us much time!  (we can pay gas if that is the reason you don’t want to drive.)

3.  We still need a place to stay.  So if you know of anywhere (a church, a gym, a heated tent, a school, etc) with a kitchen and shower/bathroom, please let us know.  Our plan is to work in Breezy Point and Rockaway for the first part of our trip and then move to New Jersey and do the same thing again.  We will be sleeping in sleeping bags on cots most likely, but we do need a place to set up camp. :)

4.  We need volunteers!  (yeah I know it is #1 too, but we really need volunteers, so come help! :)  )

More details will be forthcoming as the date gets closer, but plan on being there to help!