Saturday, August 30, 2008

Keeping an eye on our Gulf Coast friends.

Three years ago Gustav. Like millions of others we are watching closely and hoping the dire predictions do not come true.

I spoke last night with Randy May from Randy's Rangers in Pass Christian MS (we have worked there at least 4 or 5 times). He is in the process of evacuating. He is taking as much as he can North and staying in Jackson. He supposedly has secured a spot that was safe from Katrina to begin feeding operations following the storm if the need arises.

Stay tuned for more information. We will be helping in anyway we can (Fall Break trip? or even a long weekend--I do not teach on Fridays).

Until then, by far the best information again (they were brilliant during and immediately after Katrina come from Biloxi's Sun Herald is also good.

Good luck to you all! Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BonaResponds Leader Meeting

This Friday! August 29th. 12:30-1:00 in Murphy Aud C. (yes it will be short!)

Come see what is on the calendar for this coming year! From Gulf Coast trips, to Local Service days, to emergency responses to local and regional disasters , and even a concert? Come find out!

Leaders of all kinds are needed. Help others while gaining valuable experience and building a resume. No experience needed, but willingness to work and help those in need is!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

BonaResponds Local Service day #1

While we did not get as many pictures as normal due to some camera problems and the fact that the freshmen did not know to bring cameras, here are about 60 plus three short videos.

Overall in spite of not having enough volunteers, the day was a success adn much more work got done than would of had we not hosted it. (and listen to Mark and Ed's thank yous. Those are the things that make it worthwhile!

Videos from local service day (8-23-2008)

A few videos (unedited) from yesterday's Local Service day

1. Mark from West Clarksville thanking us.

2. A look at some of the work at West Clarksville (Video shot by Shannon)

3. Ed from Friendship thanking us and reminding us that the skills learned in volunteering may be useful later in life too.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Students find progress in return to Gulf Coast

Students find progress in return to Gulf Coast:
"'It was interesting this year because [the victims] are trying to move on from remembering the hurricane constantly,' Powell said.

After her first trip to Mississippi, Powell said church members and 2007 Catonsville High School graduate Justin Holmes wanted to create the same opportunity for volunteers who didn't belong to the church.

'There's definitely still people not in their homes yet and still struggling to get back,' Powell said.

Once back in Maryland, the students agreed to plan another trip for this summer.

The effort attracted 20 more students than last year's trip.

The community response helped the teens raise $70,000 for expenses, such as transportation, and donations to aid the Mississippi residents' rebuilding efforts."
A few things about this article. True it has zero to do with BonaResponds, but it is important for everyone to see. Why? First to congratulate and thank Catonsville High for their efforts. All the volunteers deserve a GIANT "well done!" High school students are putting us all to shame.

The article also serves to remind people there still is much work along the Gulf Coast to do. Sure there is progress, but many are still not in real homes. That should not be.

And thirdly it sows how much can be done. BonaResponds has never raised even close to $70,000. Sure we are somewhat handcuffed in fund raising by our relationship with the University, but that said, we should be able to find a way to help more. Let's step up this year and get more done!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Come out and help this Saturday!

BonaResponds is running a local service day in conjunction with SBU Welcome Days.

We will have about 100 first year students (Freshmen primarily) so we need some experienced volunteers to act as leaders.

We'd love to have you come out. We have jobs that include rebuilding two homes in Allegany County (West Clarksville and Friendship), working at the Olean YMCA, at Mount Irenaeus, Olean Theater Workshop, Food Pantry, the Bradford Elm Street Project, and more.

Please come wearing boots and gloves if at all possible.

Leader meeting in Murphy Room 103 at 10:00, all others at 10:30 in Murphy Aud.

Email Jim if you are willing to be a leader.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

ABC News: Student Devotes Summer to Flood Victims

ABC News: Student Devotes Summer to Flood Victims: "
'We're not here to fix these houses,' Greene said. 'It's really to fix [people's] spirits.'"
Great coverage of a great volunteer!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Hands On Disaster Response » USA: Project Cedar Rapids 30-day Report

Hands On Disaster Response » USA: Project Cedar Rapids 30-day Report:
"Project Cedar Rapids was initially slated as a 30-day flood relief project but after a short time working in Palo and Cedar Rapids, Iowa we realized there was much to be done and extended the project until October 25, 2008"

Also and this is HUGE: look for a story on HODR and the person of the Week on tonight's ABC news!!