Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas in Haiti

From our podcast.  I think you will like it.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

BonaResponds Wish List

Instead of buying more "stuff" this Christmas season why not "invest" in the betterment of the world! Our wish list (please pass it on to Santa!):
In Haiti and Liberia:
* $3,000 water well that will help a whole neighborhood for years
* $1,500 a solar electric system for a school in Haiti or Liberia
* $1,000 Schooling for 50 Liberian "Ebola" orphans FOR a year!
* $800 to hire a Haitian teacher for a ten month school year
* $600 to start a small school/community library
* $500 start a garden program in Liberia (this would be big!)
* $400 composting toilet to help prevent spread of Cholera
* $360 for a Christmas present and 3-day "camp" for kids in Liberia.
* $300 tree planting day (250 trees + food/transport for vols)
* $250 two used computers for schools in Haiti
* $240 a scholarship to a HaitiScholarships student
* $200 for a traditional toilet in Haiti (including digging hole and cement)
* $180 notebooks and pencils/pens for 53 Liberian Ebola Orphans
* $160 a water filter that will filter 6000 gallons for a school (less than 3 cents a gallon vs tablets at 25 cents a gallon)
* $150 to fund a soccer program for kids (2 months)
* $120 fixes a roof for people still recovering from Hurricane Matthew
* $110 buys a new/better battery for solar electric system
* $100 a two months of English classes for teachers in Leogane
* $80 cement blocks to build a "toilet" stall for increased privacy
* $50 a microloan to a woman in Les Cayes Haiti (Tout Moun Se Moun)
* $45 a weekly meal for all students at primary school in Leogane
* $40 notebooks and pencils for a class of 25 students
* $30 food and water for volunteers in Les Cayes doing Matthew cleanup.
* $25 a month of internet for a classroom in Haiti
* $20 transport and water for a class field trip to Leogane Library
* $10 two books (books purchased in Haiti) for library.
* $5 for 5 trees in Haiti
* $2 for a Treeangelsfor Haiti booklet on importance of Reforestation
* $1 for Chalk for a day at a school.
($= US dollars)
Start a PositiveRipple! Invest in the future of the world!
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