Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Two Olean groups need some help

Here are two fast ways you can help without even leaving the Olean Area.
  1. On Saturday the Olean Red Cross is having a disaster preparedness program in the Olean Center Mall. BonaResponds is taking part but most of our regular leaders are already spoken for in our big Buffalo service day, so we need your help. If you can devote about 30 minutes on Friday to learn what we want to do and then a few hours on Saturday, it would be really great!
  2. The Olean area SPCA is in the running for a makeover. They need a few more "votes" if you can do it, great. It was actually featured in the Olean Times Herald yesterday and seems legit. You do have to sign in, but seems fairly innocuous
From a friend: "The contest ends on March 31st and we are already
in 33rd place. We only need to move up 13 places to win at
least $5,000 in shelter renovations AND be eligible for a million
dollar shelter makeover. Once you register, you'll get 100 points
for the spca.
Speaking of the SPCA, in a great example of how BonaResponds can work with the local community, Allegany Park and Shop customers donated two large boxes of pet food and cleaning supplies to the SPCA. We will be working there on our local service weekend April 19-20.

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