Saturday, March 10, 2007

Last day reflections

We leave tomorrow. I hate the last day of a trip. It is always sad. Not wanting to the trip to be done. Not wanting to face the travel. Not wanting to leave behind new friends. Not wanting to head back to the world of regular schedules, long hours, and cold weather.

But at the same point you are anxious to get back to family and friends, hopeful that the weather will improve ushering in a new spring full of hope and anticipation. Similarly, planning on future service projects and trips has already started so stay tuned!


Today was an easy work day (or no work depending on what site you were at) when we toured the area and then went to New Orleans.

By far my favorite part of today (Friday) was when the various teams talked about what they did this week. The sites and the work they did this week. And the people whom they helped. The short version? It was a great week, much work got done, and many people were helped. But it is important to remember that much work still needs to be done. Take our tour of New Orleans. It was sad, and a stark reminder of how much work that needed to be done, to see so many FEMA trailers and closed stores now about 19 months after the storm.


Saturday is a travel day so it is unlikely I will have time to blog, but look for more updates early in the week.

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