Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hands On Disaster Response

Given that classes are starting here at Bonaventure, it is unlikely we can go to help in Peru, one thing we can do however is to help raise funds for those that are going. This is from Hands on Disaster Response, the group we are closely aligned with (worked with them in Biloxi), they donated to us to allow us to work in Buffalo etc.

Hands On Disaster Response:
"With possible deployment to help aide Peru Earthquake victims, HODR will need the support of our donors to run this successful relief project. Based on our previous relief efforts, we have compiled an example of the projects that may be needed to rebuild these communities and the projected costs.
Possible Peru Projects:
• $25 – Sponsor food and shelter for a Volunteer for a week
• $50 – Tarping homes
• $100 - Sponsor food and shelter for a Volunteer for a month
• $500 – Tools and supplies
• $1,000 – Fishing fleet replacement
• $5,000 – Re-roof a school

All funds donated to HODR go directly towards these efforts. Please give generously to support our volunteers and the people they assist. Anyone interested in making a tax deductible donation can do so securely here on [the HODR] site."

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