Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ohio Updates

Things are firming up very nicely. As mentioned yesterday we will be working in Bucyrus Ohio.

As Bucyrus has about 100 homes that have not been cleaned out yet,
the work has changed slightly. Before the actual gutting can begin, everything has to be removed . So for the first few days it will be cleaning and hauling and "mucking" out houses in order to see what can and can not be saved. Additionally we will likely be on "Mold crews".

We will be staying at Camp Micheal about three miles outside of Bucyrus. It has cots, bathroom facilities, a shower, and a kitchen.

Here is a map to the site:

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We will leave SBU (Murphy Lot) at 5:00 PM. PLEASE be there to pack vans etc at 4:45.

We may have some free time on Saturday night if people want to go to a movie etc. so try to bring some spending money as well.

Here is a checklist of what we recommend you bring
  1. Work clothes--the older the better.
  2. Sleeping bag
  3. Work boots
  4. "Baseball" hat
  5. Gloves--work gloves and rubber gloves (some places have them available, but having a comfortable pair is well worth the money!)
  6. Protective eye wear and air masks (N-95 rated)
  7. Undergarments, a towel, and a pillow
  8. Flash light and cell phone charger
  9. Clothes--one or two changes of clothes (you will have to adjust to wearing dirty clothes some of the time--it's not a fashion show.
  10. Antibacterial hand sanitizer,"Baby Wipes", suntan lotion
  11. Food: while it is provided, having a few Energy bars and instant oatmeal etc will help you get by in a pinch.
  12. Reusable water bottle
  13. Spending money: there will be very limited chances to spend money, but the bus will be making some stops on the way down and back.
  14. A willingness to have fun while working hard! Probably the most important thing the bring!

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