Monday, October 08, 2007

Quick recap

I am really tired, but realized I had no pictures and very little description of the day other than the audio posts, so a quick recap:

We broke into two groups again. But today rather than letting people pick which group they worked with, we broke into groups based off of what they were wearing. One team had all shorts, one team had all pants. (And of course this was started by the saying that was something like: anyone without pants is go with Jim, anyone with Pants go with Jerry).

The shorts team went to do two mold jobs (one in Gileon and one in Bucyrus). The pants team did a really tough job in Bucryus that involved removing insulation from a crawl space in what would be the basement for a blind 83 year old artist/WW II veteran.

While more may be forthcoming on the other jobs, the short version was that we were too fast for the jobs and the length of list we had. So in spite of many phone calls trying to line up more jobs, we called it a day about 3:30.

We then had a really fun few hours with football, poker, volleyball, running, and much good conversation. It was followed by dinner (spaghetti and guacamole), a birthday cake for Kaelin (sorry if I spelled it incorrectly!)a reflection (which was excellent), and an all hands meeting.

In the meeting we discussed the uncertainty of jobs tomorrow. What impressed me more than anything was when I told them this, rather than use it as an excuse to be done, the volunteers came up with new ideas. So tomorrow AM we will be helping around Camp Michael doing some roofing, landscaping, basic carpentry, and painting. In the afternoon we have a job in a near by town.

After the job we MAY head home where we will have an impromptu work day around Olean and on campus to finish up some jobs that have been on our plate for a while.

Overall I can not say enough good about the volunteers. We really have a great group again. For those of you who have never been on a trip, I again strongly suggest that you come on one. They really are fun and the people you help are just so grateful.

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Anonymous said...

Camp Michael Board wants to thank you guys for the help you did in our community. We also want to thank you for the work you did at the camp. We did not expect you to do any work out there at all, and we are greatful. We just wanted to provide a nice place for you to come back to after you helped in our community. You guys are welcome anytime (for free) just to regroup and enjoy the camp. e-mail me at Thank you again and God bless!