Thursday, December 13, 2007

Art Auction Notice Board

The following was submitted today to teh Notice Board. SInce many of you do not attend SBU, I will include it here as well:
BonaResponds Art Auction

When in Ohio after the flood, Clarence Austin donated some of his paintings to us. The artwork will be auctioned off and the proceeds split between BonaResponds and Mr. Austin.

In addition to teh artwork from Ohio, several local artists and even one who we worked with in Mississippi have donated paintings.

The auction will be at 7pm this Friday in the Hall of Fame Room in the Reilly Center.

It is free and open to all. (While you do not need to, a RSVP would DEFINITELY help us plan food etc. We have ZERO idea how many will attend. Email

You can also see the pictures and bid online (sort of) at


Also remember we are going to work in Franklinville this Sunday. We'd love to have more volunteers there! We will leave the Murphy Parking lot at 10:00. We hope to arrive back home around 3:00. The work is inside so we can go even if it is snowy.

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