Thursday, December 13, 2007

Online Auction

Ok, so this is not the way I had this planned. But since it is the middle of Finals week and I still have to make an exam and correct etc, this will have to suffice.

Rules: If you want one of the paintings and can not come to the auction on Friday in the Hall of Fame in the Reilly Center, email us with the painting Number and the amount of your bid. Minimum Bid for all pictures here is $100. (remember the money is being split between BonaResponds and Clarence Austin who is an 83 year old WW II veteran who painted these pictures. He was flooded in Bucyrus Ohio's August flood. We helped him in October and he donated these pictures. (NOTE OTHERS HAVE DONATED PICTURES AS WELL. I WILL TRY TO GET THEM ONLINE ON THURSDAY)
Picture 1:

A nice Christmas present? The baby giving her bottle to a puppy.

Other pictures and how to bid is available here.

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