Tuesday, January 29, 2008

BonaResponds Buffalo Local Service Day

The BonaResponds Buffalo service day will be on March 29th. It is a Saturday. We will be working out of the Bob Lanier Center. The day is open to all from local community members, students, faculty, alumni, etc.

We will be modeling the day after the six local days that we have done in the Olean area. Thus, we will meet at the center at 10 (which is sort of late, but remember many of the volunteers have to travel from Olean), have a short meeting and break into teams. Work in the field until 4 or so, (lunch ill be sandwiches), then get back together for a quick meeting or reflection, music, and food.

We are definitely open to working with pretty much any group or charity in need. We can provide labor, but really do not have the financial resources to provide supplies. Thus, locally that generally means the group we are helping buys the supplies and we use them to paint or whatever.

Given that it is March in Western NY, the weather may be an issue, so indoor jobs or clean up jobs are ideal.

If you have anyone who wants to volunteer or if you have any suggestions for jobs, we'd love to hear from you.


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