Sunday, February 24, 2008

with or without video

It has taken over an hour to upload the video and frankly I am tired, so here it is without video:
Well we made it. What a long drive. From snow and ice to endless miles of driving, the trip was definitely a long drive but the days ahead will undoubtedly prove that the effort was worth it.

We left Allegany slightly after five PM on Friday and drove more or less straight through. In Louisville KY we left 7 volunteers off for a night’s sleep before they headed out to Gassville Alabama. They arrived safely and will be working with Hands on Disaster Response (HODR)

The rest of the crew arrived in Pass Christian MS at about four thirty in the afternoon. We stopped at first at Chris’. This is a house we had worked on in past trips. He and his family were living there and happy to see us.

We then went to Randys’ Rangers were Randy gave a great introduction to the trip.

Below is a video of the opening message to volunteers.

After that we left 11 volunteers and then went on to Pearlington. Pearlington is roughly midway between Pass Christian and New Orleans. That said, it is in reality miles from most places and very very remote.

To get to the camp entails a long drive on highway followed by a long drive on a narrow back road, followed by a turn down into an even smaller road.

But when we go here, safe and sound. It is remote by even our normal standards, but that is ok, it will give the team the opportunity to make an even larger impact and bond together better.

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Dave D. said...

Good for you. Hope you have a productive trip. I would be joining the crew in Gassville but am currently packing for the Bangladesh project.