Thursday, May 15, 2008

Local military family needs help after a fire.

This Saturday (May 17th!) we will be helping on a house demolition in Machias. The house was largely destroyed by fire but the family wants to salvage anything of value. This will be hard but good work. It will be gutting the house so be sure to wear boots and have had a tetanus shot! The homeowner is in the military and if we can help them it would be great. Watch the BonaResponds blog for more information but expect to leave Murphy at 10:10 on Saturday. You can also meet us there.


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The Red Cross also has been in touch with us to help a single mom after a fire in her home in the town of Olean. Electrical work, drywall, painting, and some roofing is needed. We have yet to be able to say yes to this for lack of volunteers and leaders, so if you want to head this up, please respond and let us know. This would be great for church groups and the like!

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