Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Comments from Mike and Bill

A few comments from the field

From Bill:
"We are currently set up in Palo, IA until July 22, 2008. The City of Palo is a small community of about 500 homes, 470 of which had flood damage. The people here are welcoming and highly motivated. This is a very warm community eager to get better organized and move forward in the recovery process."

Today crews gutted a house
From Mike:
"I encourage others to come to help the people that have been effected by the flooding in the midwest. The people here are hard working and determined to get their homes back together. The people here really need our help; helping them has a rewarding feeling because the people you are working with (home owners) are working hard right with you."

"We really need more volunteers out here. We have a lot of projects lined up that we might not be able to fulfill if we do not get more people to help. There people are deserving of our help."
and on the housing he added that HODR now is staying at a local church and showering at the YMCA.

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