Tuesday, June 24, 2008

for press release

A few quotes I gave SBU for their press release:

We will be working in and around Cedar Rapids and a small community of Palo. According to Bill Driscoll HODR coordinator, Palo has 500 homes, 470 of which had flood damage. Which definitely shows the need for volunteers is there.

The work itself will vary, but there is work for everyone. Early in the process, much of the work will be hauling out debris from lower floors, gutting homes, etc. Later we will be doing more interior work from hanging drywall, painting, and even rough electrical work. There will definitely be work for everyone. We can always use people to cook and clean the camp, run errands, help organize work orders, and to be present and talk with the victims. But I really can not tell you what you will be doing with certainty since the work will change based on needs. Some of my best days doing this have been on those jobs that just popped up at the last second.

We will be staying in a church hall and showering at the local YMCA.

Hands On Disaster Response and BonaResponds have worked together in the past in Biloxi, Gassville Arkansas, and Newton COunty Missouri. Indeed, BonaResponds is largely modeled after HODR. This is the old Handson USA from Biloxi.

We also hope to be working with Randy's Rangers. This is a group we worked with in Pass Christian on at least four of our trips. Due to prior commitments they have not yet set up in Iowa, but we have been in contact and they expect to be there and running when we get to Iowa.

"The need for volunteers is definitely great. Being a bit closer than the Gulf, and with so many people off from school at this time of year, it seems like a perfect opportunity to help those in need."

"If you aren't sure, get off the fence and just come. You will be very glad you did. Personally, I can say I was unsure if I wanted to go to Missouri, or to Ohio, or to even Bradford, and each of these trips has been been very memorable and fun. As one of our leaders said this spring "sometimes you just have to be there. You are not sure what you will be doing, but you know you will be helping others. You know that your work will be appreciated. It is just something that is the right thing to do."

* HODR will be there for 30 days (barring another major disaster), so even if you can't go with us, definitely try and get out there. See HODR.org for more information.

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