Friday, July 11, 2008

Catching up with BonaResponds

A few random topics:

* I was speaking to Andy (an original founder of BonaResponds) and James (the leader of BonaResponds in the important second year (2006-2007) that assured a future for the group. In each conversation I had almost the exact same comment:

"What a great group. I did not know then before they came, but wow is the group we broght hard working!

We may have brought bigger trips to sites on other trips, but never any that worked harder. In that respect this group reminds me of the first Biloxi trip. The volunteers have been working that hard. (and that is really saying something).

* Tina and Heather leave tomorrow. Andy, Tim, and another volunteer get here tomorrow.

* TJ was interviewed by the local newspaper today. See or watch this blog for when it arrives.

* New Pictures are online.

* HODR is considering making this a 4 month deployment. I hope they do. You can help them do so by donating and/or by volunteering!

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