Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Good, tiring day in Iowa

After a 14 hour drive that included a stop at Notre Dame and a weather related stop (couldn't see the road due to the rain!) we made it in about 4AM which made today's 7:45 work schedule a tad challenging but it turned out to be a very good day.

The BonaResponds crew got their own house (with Robert and Heather being included in the deal). It was a house in Cedar Rapids that had had about 15 feet of water.

Lots of things impressed me today. All the hard work. The spirit of team work. The amount we got done etc. But possibly I was most impressed after our work day was done when a tremendous cloud burst hit.

Quickly the streets were flooded as many of the storm sewers did not work. As soon as the storm ceased, there were Mike, TJ, and Heather in the street cleaning up. (others may have too, and I missed anyone I apologize!). Think about that. Picking up a basketball, a tree branch, and other things, just to help. Yep, I was really happy to have them with us.

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